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Northern Lights

Experience Your Soul: Great Basin Bliss


Would You Like To...

Gift yourself to be your best presence for your holiday gatherings

Reconnect to Your Greatness &  Love?

Explore The Magic Of Aligning with Your Divine Nature?

Welcome To A Deep Spiritual Heart Opening

Great Basin Tree.jpg

Returning each year to Great Basin and this beautiful tree, is like going Home to a

deeper part of my soul


I reconnect to my divine power and strength 

My heart opens and I know I am Safe,

Held and Loved


Connect to the "Light of Your Soul" and bring forth All your Strength and Divine Authentic Power! 

Join us July 15 - 17, 2023 
Great Basin National Park, Baker NV

Do You Dream Of...
Discovering Your Life's Purpose
Jumpstarting Your Spiritual Awakening!
Harnessing the Magic & Power of Your Authentic Self
Reconnecting with Your Greatness & Love!
Connecting with Your Strength & True Power

Expanding Wisdom From Within Your Soul!

 This Adventure is For YOU!!!


My Message to YOU

Hello, I am Stephaanie Hartwell…

It is my heart’s desire to share this truly one of a kind realm with you!


Many years ago, I was lost, dealing with traumatic memories emerging from childhood abuse, searching for peace, self-love and not knowing where to turn. Not by chance, but by synchronicity, I discovered the Great Basin National Forest.


For the first time in my life, I felt truly loved, understood, embraced by the ancient elders embodied on this mountain… These 5,000-year-old Bristlecone Pines in the Magical Great Basin Forest! These trees represent  the father I never had in this life, the Tender Caring Parent that Teaches Guides and Loves Me No Matter What. 


It was here that my life shifted and changed forever! Since then, it has been my mission to share my intuitive gifts, along with this magical place and its healing energies with others!


My intention for you is, that you will come to an awareness beyond your hopes and dreams, through choosing to visit this magical place, embracing its ancient energy, allowing it to bring forth your authentic light and embodying your True Self! From there, simply said, anything is possible! It’s just a state of mind!


I challenge you to come and transform the impossible into the very real, here and now, Possible! With the alchemical guidance of these giant gentle elders and the vast intuition of Mother Nature! 


It is indeed my profound pleasure to serve and support you on your deep healing Journey back to your Soul!


In Gratitude and of course as always, LOVE!


Image by Kelly Sikkema
call to one meditation image.jpg

 2 Nights Accommodations
2 Breakfasts 
2 1/2 Days Hiking
Connecting With the Great Basin Mountain!


Deposit, Due June 20, 2022  
Non Refundable
Via Venmo

Full Tuition, Due June 30, 2022 $666 Non Refundable
Via Venmo

Full Tuition, Returning Participants
Due June 30, 2022 $555 
Non Refundable
Via Venmo

For More Information & Questions
& To Make Your Payment

Please call Stephaanie 801-230-5105

Via Venmo

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