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Reiki Mastery Training Program
A Complete Reiki Practice to Master Your Energy and Heal Your Heart!

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that lives within all living things.

We each have the potential to tap into this healing energy for ourselves and others.

Mastering Reiki guides you there.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy within all living things.


A Complete Training Program To…

  • Master Your Energy

  • Gain Confidence

  • Cultivate All Areas of Life!


For All Who Want Wo Learn To:

  • Manage Energy Daily

  • Embody A Higher Vibration

  • Develop Self-Mastery

  • Be Who YOU Are Longing To Be!

                                          This Program IS For You If You Are…

  • Committed To Your Personal Healing & Growth

  • Ready To Do What It Takes To LOVE Yourself

  • Willing To Move Through Challenges And Obstacles

  • Looking For Direction, Possibilities & Support 








Reiki Mastery Training Program Includes:

1. Level 1, Level 2, Master Level (Level 3)

2. Group Weekly Check-In Zoom Call (Sat’s 10-11a.m.)

3. Weekly Practice Group Reiki Circle (TH’s 7-9:30PM)

4. Heart Opening Meditation to Align With Reiki Energy

5. Reiki Master Skills (6 Months Ongoing Support)

6. A Deep Dive into Practicing Skills As A Reiki Master

7. 9 Month Complete Comprehensive Reiki Program



Ask About:


Bonuses Available…

Payments Options…

Contact me for further information to discover if this is your life’s journey!

Stephaanie Hartwell


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